In April 2020 Total Training will celebrate 22 years of delivering training specifically tailored to entertainment industry rigging. In that time we will have delivered well over 600 three day rigging courses. Over 6500 people have attended rigging, work at height, rescue and inspection courses in the UK and overseas.

Total Training operates from the Birmingham premises of the Total Solutions Group and from UK Rigging in Bolton who deliver our courses under licence. In 2019 we ran more than 30 three day courses, 20 work at height courses and a further 15 one day rescue or inspection courses. We believe our courses to be the only entertainment rigging training courses to be run this frequently anywhere in the world. Our other courses are listed below; contact us for details.

Practical rigging and work at height training in Birmingham and Bolton is carried out on a purpose built steel beam structure which mimics a typical arena grid. This ensures participants benefit from learning in a realistic but controlled environment away from the pressures of the workplace.

Individuals requiring training can join the scheduled 3 day rigging courses in Birmingham.

All other courses are run for employers on or off site for between 4 and 8 participants.                      Courses in Birmingham are charged per person, at the client’s premises we charge a day rate.

Entertainment industry rigging training

3 day The internationally recognised course delivered regularly since 1998.                                             This course can also be delivered at a client’s site by arrangement.
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2 day – A rigging only training course for employers, usually held at their own venue.
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‘Below the hook’ one day rigging course. Click here for more info. 

Work at height training with PPE/PFPS

1 day –  A very popular course; usually held for employers with 4 – 6 people to train.
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Rescue training

Typically delivered on site for employers following consultation to establish their requirements. Contact us for details. We are proud to have helped develop and deliver effective rescue plans and training for many large employers and venues in the UK and overseas.

Other popular courses

Rigging course for aerialists – legal requirements, inspection of equipment, installation and safe working at height

Inspection of PFPS for work at height – how, why and when under the PUWER, Work at height and PPE Regulations

Inspection of lifting equipment – what the PUWER and LOLER regulations require and how to comply with requirements for inspection and thorough examination in-house

Inspection of aluminium trusses – how, why and when to inspect aluminium trusses

Manual handling – sensible manual handling training for the entertainment industry

Rigging physics –  covering force calculations and load distribution.

Risk assessment – why, how and when to carry out risk assessments for rigging or work at height

Method statements/lifting plans – how to create and implement lifting plans

CDM 2015 – how the Regulations impact the entertainment industry and who has duties under CDM 2015

Contact us if you don’t see what you need. We frequently mix and match course modules to meet client’s requirements.

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