Strictly Come Dancing Tour 2016

Strictly Come Dancing Tour 2016

Mel from “The Great British bake off” was the compere  and we were tasked with making a cake for her to come out of as her entrance to the show. This was a 1.7 metre diameter 4 tiered design which split open. It was decorated to look like a wedding cake.

The start of the show required all of the performers to come onto the dance floor from the 3 doors on the Strictly express which is a flown set piece consisting of a train and carriage. This was a 2 dimensional pieces light enough to fly out onto the roof of the building once the troops had exited.

Strictly 2016 tour was an evolution of the existing set. Craig decided that he wanted some trapezoidal shaped ramps to go onto the C stage in 4 positions to allow more elegant access to the C stage. The ramps had to have as small a lip as possible so as not to create a trip hazard. These we finished in Oak flooring to match the rest of the C stage.

For part of the show we supplied 6 silver glittered diving boards and 2 sets of swimming pool steps which clipped onto the C stage for one particular number.

We were tasked with making 4 hearts for the satellite stages which had to rotate at various speeds. These were battery powered and had to be remotely controlled from the lighting desk using a W-DMX system.

In addition to this we created a 4 metre high heart which was designed to be used by an aerial performer. Both heart types were covered in silver glitter so sparkled beautifully when lit.