DLM – Balloon Baskets

TSG were contacted by DLM to design and manufacture a ‘basket’ capable of 400kgs that allows for persons to be able to be winched vertically for an observation ride.

There were a number of obstacles and design challenges to overcome. Firstly, the basket had to be as lightweight as possible. A series of guide wires had to pass through the basket whilst the winch wire attached to a suitable point. The gate needed to lock and the baskets needed to maintain a minimalistic look.

In essence the basket was made up of an aluminium framework with clear polycarbonate sides. The Floor was a plywood supported sheet with the lifting points built directly into the subframe. A series of nylon inserts allowed for the wire guides to run through the framework.

The resulting scheme was an easily deployable, lightweight moving platform that was originally intended for one purpose, but the client has been able to use it in other scenarios and projects due to their versatility.