Truss Installation at the Walsall Forest Arts Centre

truss installation
Total Solutions Group was contacted by local company, Stage Services Limited, to look at a large truss installation project for the Walsall Forest Arts Centre. The Centre wanted to convert one of its halls into a multipurpose venue to compliment its existing facilities with headroom being the key design criteria.
The design of the truss installation needed to follow the contours of the building as closely as possible and also thread its way through the existing buildings structure. Maxibeam was used for the arches as this truss gave an excellent combination of strength and small profile whilst Novabeam was used in the legs and OV40 trusses as the purlins. Whilst the design seems deceptively simple the trick was to miss all the components of the existing building! Drawings and 3d scans were taken of the existing building providing excellent accurate dimensions with which we could design our structure around.
As part of the package we also had to arrange for the installation on top of the supply of the trusses. This required some extra thought to the normal rock and roll practice of raising truss grids due to the fact that all the purlins had to be threaded through the arched trusses of the existing structure and that the last arch also had to be threaded through the existing structure. Thankfully with the use of the appropriate lifting machinery, working platforms and proper planning everything went without a hitch with the end result being one very happy client.
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