RSC Flown Production Desk

We were commissioned to help the RSC solve a production problem they were encountering. During programming for shows a series of temporary desks were being carried in and out to house lighting desks and similar. This had to happen at the start and end of most rehearsal days. The solution was a flown production desk. Which is where we came in. Ideally the desk would have permanently contained all the production kit, but as it was to be stored at height above the audience heads it was deemed too risky if someone left a pen or coffee cup on there. Therefore the desk is cleared, which even with doing so drastically cuts the setup times.

The desk weighs around 150kg and is picked up on 4 points. As the roof cannot have fixings attached in to it we had to create two runs of Slick Litebox Truss creating goalposts with a vertical ladder each end. These are spaced apart by a series of braces. There are a series of relocatable pulley brackets along the trusses. This gives flexibility of adjusting the pickup points. The four pickup lines diverted through the pulleys and trusses to terminate back in a Pilewind manual winch. This winch is particularly nice as it can be driven by a hand drill as well as manually. TSG also carried out the installation which was a slight challenge as the RSC was a CDM site and we were working at 8m above the audience seating. It was refreshing to work with a likeminded safety conscious company.