London Olympics – St Pauls

London 2012 Olympics Closing ceremony St Pauls model under construction in our factory

The model of St Pauls Cathedral was the second of the ‘Waterloo Sunset’ pieces for the London 2012 closing ceremony. The model had to be mobile and able to be wheeled in to position on the ramp of the main set piece. This model had the cupola of the dome as an opening part, out of which a hand balancer did his brief performance during the ceremony and also to allow the piece to enter the field of play through the exit vomitories which were only 4 metre high.. This piece was the smallest of the landmark buildings but with all the intricate detail called for by Es Devlin, the designer, incorporated into the finished article, this ended up being the more intricate to manufacture. This, like all the models, was finished in the newspaper print.

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