TSG O&M Manual Cover

Operating and Maintenance Manuals

In the interest of providing our customers with the correct…

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TSG Load Booklet

TSG Load Data Booklet

Truss Loading Our popular Truss loading booklet has been updated…

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Inspecting trusses

I Don’t like inspecting truss

Q; Who says we have to be inspecting our truss…

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I like climbing truss

  There is a myth or unwritten rule that climbing…

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ICoPER – International Code of Practice

  The ICoPER project has been in development for some…

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Frequent Use Factor

What is the Frequent Use Factor?

What is it? The frequent use factor is a down…

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How to repair a truss

Truss Repairs – Getting your Truss Fixed

  At TSG we are happy to carry out truss…

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Truss Inspection

Truss Inspection, what and why?

  One of the most frequent things we get asked…

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Standards and Aluminium TIG Welding

Standards in Manufacturing Aluminium Truss Systems

  Standards and regulations are integral for the design and…

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