We Will Rock you on Tour

We Will Rock You Tour - TPI Magazine front cover

It’s in its ninth year of residency at London’s 2,000-seater Dominion Theatre, where it’s become the venue’s longest running show of all-time and reportedly grossed over £100 million, thanks also to its successful tours and residencies all over the world. I am referring, of course, to smash-hit musical We Will Rock You, a loud, tongue-in-cheek production that celebrates Queen’s music by weaving 24 of their songs into a plot about a quest to bring back rock’n’roll in a future world where musical creativity and instruments are illegal.

Set in the year 2039, Earth has become Planet Mall, a world absent of individuality and free thought due to the dictatorship of Globalsoft Corporation, which manipulates the Ga Ga Kids’ to wear the same clothes, watch the same movies and listen to commercial, computer-generated pop.

Non-conformists Galileo (played by Noel Sullivan) and Scaramouche (Amanda Coutts) are thrown together………

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