Take That Tour III

Take That Tour 2015

TSG were contracted to help build parts of the stage for the latest Take That III tour. The project rapidly grew in size and subsequently it became a far larger project than what was initially quoted. The key areas TSG manufactured were:

  • B-Stage, 6m dia based around our standard Arenadeck Rolling Stage System. Scenically finished to the top. 10 off integrated double opening trap doors. Steps leading down to the Mainstage with nose mounted LED spots. An external structure to house both Lighting and a Pyrotechnic ring of fire.
  • Walkways, 2m wide and 34m long, each side comprised of 36 individually addressable 0.5m wide lightboxes. Midway along the walkway was a built in mechanical trapdoor for performer and prop access. Both the inside and outside edges had over 35 lights each side. The heights vary from 0.6m high all the way up to 3.8m where we met the Mainstage. Building at height was a primary concern and the design was led by this.
  • Tiered Seating. A truss grid on 5 legs roughly 5m x 11m.On top of this sits a series of radial ladders that allows grating to be attached to form the flooring. A cast audience of over 30 people occupy each side along with seating and propboxes, also supplied by us. The structure also has a fabric membrane to collect water from the rain effect used during the show.
  • Pylons. Inner and outer versions formed of a tapering structural framework. Inner is 9m tall and outer is 7m tall. Each one carrys around 60 lamp fittings with built in perforated Ali sheet to act as light deflectors. To bring in an added degree of difficulty to rig the outer pylons they were also canted over 20 degrees.
  • The sun. A flown circular framework prop with a performer inside of it. Outside has removable panels covered in copper LED product. Integrated pyrotechnics located around the structure.
  • Imag Screen Surrounds. Coffin locked together framework with a scenic front finish to form a picture frame around the LED screens.
  • Camera track. Railway style track provided for panning shots by the AV company. Made in sections with a rigging screw joint system.