DJ Sigala at V Festival, Weston Park

As it was summer it seemed like a well suited time to build a Tiki style beach hut for DJ Sigala. Now we’re used to tight deadlines but this time there was no room for error. Start to finish we were given just 14 days.

The brief was to create a pair of 8’ x 4’ rolling risers that the hut structure would connect on to. The hut consisted of a series of vertical posts that supported a pair of horizontal roof beams. On top of these beams sat the roof frames. Between the upstage posts were a series of flats that incorporated windows and a doorway. A slight curve ball occurred when the scope changed for the hut to split in half so that each part could roll in to position when they weren’t headlining. In front of the hut sat another curved rolling deck that the DJ stand fixed down to. The DJ stand housed a variety of mixing equipment, keyboards and laptops and was painted to mimic bamboo. The entire hut was scenically dressed to have a weathered and distressed look. Steps and skirts were also ‘arted’ up to finish the look and the overall effect was amazing for such a short turnaround.