Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Tour

Strictly Come Dancing has become a bit of an institution and to celebrate its 10th birthday on tour their designers wanted to splash out and buy a new C stage. The design of the new central dance area was agreed to be a lozenge shape which provides for larger dance area, it was also decided that the old one could not be reused. We therefore set about making the new one. We ordered solid oak planks from a saw mill in Devon to obtain nice long planks suitable for 8’ long deck sections. These were fitted to aluminium decks from the top using screws hidden behind oak dowels which were then trimmed off and the whole surface planed before being protected. The perimeter steps have multi circuit RRGB LED lighting which is battery powered and controlled using wireless DMX signals.

Meanwhile on the main stage we were sent the 10th Anniversary artwork with the requirement to apply it just in front of the judges desk. This artwork was complex and it became apparent it would take too long to art up as it covered 6 decks with a very glitzy design. We had a chance visit from a representative from a printing company who showed us a print sample onto timber. Talk about opportune! We decided this would be the perfect solution so removed the decks from the frames, sanded the protective surface from the wood and sent them off to be printed. The result was stunning!

We replaced all of the swept stair handrails with a new design to emulate the look of the TV set. This required set up of the existing swept stairs and mapping out of the geometry for the new curved handrails. These parts were fitted to the original swept stairs which are still in a perfectly serviceable condition despite their age and traffic. We replaced the step lighting with new multi circuit RGB LED lights to create a more up to date look.