OV Truss triplet LSI UK

OV Truss

One and a half kilometres of truss is a large order by any standards, but to place it before the truss product specified has even been developed shows a remarkable measure of faith in the producer. “We’ve been specifying and using products from the Total Solutions Group (TSG) range for many years, “said Matthew Addison from LSI Projects. “When LSI first engaged with this project for ITV back in July of 2012 we knew something different from the established product line was required and we had every faith that Chris Cronin at TSG would come up with the goods.”

The project was nothing less than a completely new studio complex for Coronation Street in Trafford, MediaCityUK. These studios would be so well utilised that not only were the technical needs very specific, the delivery and installation would require precise time tabling. Ian Hall who managed the development for TSG explained more: “The specification Matthew presented to us required a re-think in terms of strength, weight, and cost – something our CEO Chris Cronin is ideally experienced to solve: He laughingly says, ‘it’s just a matter of re-balancing the physics’ which rather underplays the hard work and long hours I know he put into this new range of OV Truss.”

Addison took delivery of the first OV truss elements on site in July of 2013 ahead of handover of the full functioning studios in November. The first episodes of Britain’s longest running soap were shot in January 2014. “Naturally ITV works to an incredibly tight timetable so delivery and installation had to be exactly on time,” explained Addison. “TSG were on the money every time across the first three studios, the final shipment of OV40 box truss for the fourth and final studio was no different. As smooth a process as we could have wished for, certainly one that confirms our faith in TSG and their ability to meet the increasingly demanding needs of modern TV studios.”