Compound Arch Roof by TSG

Total Solutions Compound Arch Roof structure

The Compound Arch Roof for Solution MI was built for the first time on site in Dubai for the ‘Dance Afrique 2014’ show in October. The new breed of roof systems was pioneered by TSG using compound arch technology. This hi-tech approach allowed an enhanced load capacity and increased the available span of the roof compared to its traditional counterpart.

The main part of the Solution MI roof comprised of standard TSG EHD truss compound arches, which were used to span 30mts and have a total load capacity of 7000kgs per arch. The depth of the structure was 14mts with a trim height of 13mts. The roof system included a side and rear walling system that would allow for construction and for the individual panels to be dropped in a matter of seconds in high wind scenarios. A full Arena Deck system with steps, handrails and a scissor lift (with a maximum lift height of 3mts) were also included.

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