London Olympics – Rock and Roll Stage

London 2012 Olympics Closing ceremony Rock and Roll Stage

“We need a stage for the acts to perform on. Can you make it in time “,  was the call from the production manager and was in the middle of all the other work we were doing for the closing ceremony. The stage was made from as much rental gear as possible and hence also satisfied sustainability. We could also lay our hands on with some special decking parts to make the desired chevron shape and also the truss to be used as the main structure. The area below the stage had to have a clear 6 metre span to house the drum risers for the 8 acts that would  perform on it and so necessitated the use of a truss to create the desired clear span. All of the drum risers were taken up, on and off stage via the integrated electric scissor lifts. The designer decided at a later stage to add some angled covers to provide a small amount of rain cover for the sound and lighting boys whilst enhancing the look of the stage, which was all to be finished in white which. This obviously was a nightmare to keep white with all of the other trades wanting to get on the stage before the show. One last twist in the story was the result of a plea from the production manager for us to manage the construction and the removal of the stage on the day of the show and the night after respectively. That was hard work!!

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3d Panoramic of the test build