London Arts in Health, Fidget Project

London Arts in health

Artist Michael Pinsky launches Fidget, a campaign run by London Arts in Health Forum to highlight the facts about physical activity and the way it affects our health. Total Solutions were happy to get involved to design a mobile, tensile structure to tour and house the interactive exhibits.  The design consisted of a central support mast and demountable decking along with an outer ring of support poles for the dual canopy. The whole structure had to be low profile and to have a foot print no larger than the structure itself. Easier said than done when you consider the several tonnes of ballast that has to be intergrated to allow the structure to conform to the current Eurocodes.

The canopy was a dual layer design with the outer one being a printed PVC mesh to Michaels design and the inner one being a clear pvc to help with protection against the weather.

All in all, a great, and colourful, project.