Fabrication into the next generation


Pursuant to an ongoing programme of investment, the team at Total Solutions Group has recently acquired our first batch of revolutionary 3d welding tables. The contemporary machined beds comprise a wide range of clamping fixtures, allowing flexibility for the fabrication of almost any welded object in a controlled environment.

The brand-new tables are completely modular enabling us to rearrange them readily as required. They are also longer than our existing welding benches. Consequently, offering more freedom to our fabricators they will naturally increase speed and accuracy.

Production Manager, Katie Inns couldn’t be more pleased with the new equipment, she adds “We knew the benches would revolutionise the way we fabricate, but what has astonished us is just how flexible they are. We have been able to clamp even the most complicated of shapes firmly and precisely, making the workflow much more efficient”.
With the bespoke nature of our work, it is essential for us to invest in the appropriate tools, and so the replacement schedule is a continual evolution.