A New Role

Joining the Company nine years ago as Sales Manager, Ian Hall has watched Total Solutions Group (TSG) evolve to engage with the ever growing demands of special projects. “From Slick to Solutions is a heady mix. TSG’s involvement in providing specialist engineering skills to the Ceremonies section of the London Olympics last summer was the high point in what has been for me, a tumultuous nine years since Slick Trussing first became part of TSG in 2004.” In recognition of Hall’s experience and success, Company founder and Group CEO Chris Cronin has asked Hall to step up to the role of Sales Director, “and there is of course, far more to it than that,” commented Cronin.
“Since he first arrived Ian Hall has demonstrated a balanced approach to the TSG business. While driving the roller-coaster of special projects with their unforeseen engineering challenges and impossible deadlines he has never lost touch with our core business; the provision of trussing, staging, roofing and related support structures for the concert and event industry. Thanks in many ways to Ian’s efforts, the reputation of Slick and Total Fabrication product lines are as strong today as when he first joined. As such Ian is now perfectly placed to join the board and propel TSG in a positive direction for the next ten years.”
Hall already has plans in place, “This is a great time to be given the strategic role of Sales Director; the wheel of the entertainment industry has turned these past few years and it is time to re-fresh the existing product range. Many of the demands we have fulfilled in special projects have been achieved through our ability to understand and apply the very latest advances in technology and engineering. It is those lessons we now bring to bear on our range of truss, roof and staging. We already have two new products in the pipeline and our customers can expect more over the coming months and years as we upscale our full product line to meet the coming demands of the next decade.”
Hall’s appointment as Sales Director is with immediate effect. Contact him on 0121-772-5234 or visit TSG as https://www.trussing.com/